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Prevent Zika Virus with Mosquito Squad of Greater Austin

Contracted from mosquitoes, the Zika Virus originated in a narrow area along the equatorial belt from Africa to Asia. Without seeking any type of treatment for the symptoms, you can expect a mild fever and rash throughout the body. Also, muscle pain, headaches, joint pain, conjunctivitis and pain behind the eyes have been reported. Although hospitalization rates are low, there are some cases that have required a visit due to severe symptoms. Currently, there is no cure for the virus so it can become a major disruption to your daily life without treatment.

Why it’s Important to get protection

Seeking protection from the Zika Virus can prevent illness and, in the most severe instances, hospitalization. The proximity of mosquito breeding sites to human occupancy is a considerable risk factor in Zika virus infection. Prevention and protection can occur in the reduction of those breeding sites, which reduces contact between mosquitoes and humans. This is accomplished by reducing water-filled habitats that support mosquito life and reducing mosquito populations using barriers.

How Mosquito Squad of Greater Austin can help

Mosquito Squad of Greater Austin can help control the mosquito population in high-risk areas with natural and traditional barrier sprays, as well as mosquito control misting systems for maximum prevention. By using a traditional barrier spray in your yard, the mosquito population will be reduced by up to 90-percent, assuming a reapplication of 2-3 weeks.

The all-natural treatment repels up to 75 percent of the population with a 14-day reapplication. The misting system delivers a 30 second spray up to four times per day when mosquitoes are most active. The Mosquito Squad of Greater Austin can also spray during special events to ensure your guests are continuously comfortable and not exposed to any diseases transmitted from biting insects.

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The Zika Virus can become a major disruption to your daily life if not treated. If you live in a high-risk area of Austin, it is best to seek the preventative options offered by the Mosquito Squad. This can save you and your family from illness caused by the Zika Virus. Contact the Mosquito Squad of Greater Austin today or fill out the form on our webpage for a free consultation.

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