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Mosquito Control Services in Austin TX

Controlling the mosquitoes in your Austin, Texas yard is the first step in reducing your risk for mosquito-borne diseases such as West Nile Virus. While the annoyance of mosquitoes and their itchy bite might be your first priority in seeking mosquito control for your Austin home – their ability to transmit diseases makes them the most lethal animal to humankind. Choosing the mosquito control service that best fits your Austin home’s needs is crucial to getting the best results. Here at Mosquito Squad of Greater Austin we have several options for you to choose from:

Traditional Mosquito Barrier Spray

The traditional barrier mosquito spray is our most popular form of mosquito control in Austin. It is applied to your yard by our trained and licensed professionals. Starting at the perimeter and working inward, we spray every 2-3 weeks to keep your yard mosquito free all season long. The time-release formula eliminates mosquitoes on contact and acts as a barrier that protects your yard for up to 3 weeks. The result is the elimination of 85-90% of the mosquitoes in your yard.

All Natural Mosquito Control

Although our traditional solution is our most popular, we receive many requests for an organic or all-natural mosquito control solution. Our all-natural mosquito spray is made of essential oils that eliminate adult mosquitoes on contact and repels 70-75% of the mosquitoes in your yard. Applied by our highly trained professional technicians in a similar way to the barrier spray, you will be able to enjoy your yard without the danger and annoyance of mosquitoes. Our all-natural mosquito control will be applied every 14 days for continuous protection all season long.

Automatic Mosquito Misting Systems

Imagine having a system in your yard that could spray regularly when you need it to, eliminating mosquitoes to make your yard more enjoyable. That system exists and our trained technicians will install it, program it and maintain it so you can always have a mosquito free space. With an automatic mosquito spray that is set to meet your schedule, it can eliminate 90% or more of the mosquitoes in your yard. The automatic mosquito control misting system is perfect for commercial or private use, especially those spaces that are a challenge for other mosquito control services such as wetlands, horse barns and outdoor recreational spaces.

Special Event Spray

If you’re planning a special outdoor event such as a wedding, graduation, family reunion, baby shower or a summer pool party it is important that you create a pest free environment for your guests. Eliminating mosquitoes is key to making the party enjoyable so you can keep the festivities going as late as you want. For mosquito control at your Austin TX event you can count on Mosquito Squad of Greater Austin to spray before the event, leaving your party space odor free, residue free and most importantly mosquito free.

To learn more about Mosquito Control Services in Austin, we welcome your call at 512.848.6032 or you can send us an email at [email protected].

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