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Mosquito Squad of Greater Austin Event Treatment

Simple Prevention and Protection

Mosquito Squad of Greater Austin can help you ensure your event’s guests have a great time without worrying about annoying insects ruining the day. With the health threat that mosquitoes can pose and real stories of infection surfacing in the news daily, controlling mosquitoes at your event must be of the utmost importance.

Clean and Safe Public Spaces for Your Wedding, Graduation or Party

Whether you use your property, rent out a park or reserve the lawn of your church for a family celebration, how can you be sure that the venue has taken appropriate action to control biting insects? Our Special Event Treatment will guarantee that you have taken steps for protection and prevention for you and your guests.

What is a Special Event Treatment?

Mosquito Squad of Greater Austin will arrive at the location a 24-72 hours before the scheduled event and treat the property with our barrier treatment that will repel mosquitoes and other pests. The treatment dries after just a half hour and leaves behind no sticky residue or odor. We will treat around the entire perimeter of the area you’ve chosen for your celebration. The treatment can reduce the number of mosquitoes in the area of the party by up to 90%.

Add Mosquito Control to Your Party Planner

We will be happy to add your event to our calendar. Our professional staff will work with you and your party coordinator to ensure that our services won’t interfere with any special preparations. Just like finding the right caterer and florist, hiring Mosquito Squad of Greater Austin will help you execute your special celebration with confidence.

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