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Control Mosquitoes Automatically with A Misting System

From malaria to the West Nile virus, mosquitoes can carry serious diseases on top of just ruining your time outdoors. If you’re tired of spraying the entire family down with smelly bug sprays that can be washed away by sweat and pool water, switch to a misting system from Mosquito Squad of Greater Austin. Your property will stay free of mosquitoes without all the work.

Our Mosquito Misting System

The system consists of a set of small, discrete nozzles that release a quick spray of deterrent for 30 seconds at a time. The nozzles only have to release the spray 2- 4 times each day for continuous and uninterrupted protection. The nozzles are corrosion resistant and connected with a flexible nylon tube that hides away in the grass or your flower beds.

Misting Benefits

There’s many benefits to choosing this kind of constant pest prevention:

  • Smart features allow our team to monitor the system remotely
  • We provide all the refills and maintenance needed to keep it running smoothly
  • You can control the spray timing with a smartphone app to clear out the area before heading outside or to delay a schedule spray while you work in the area
  • The spray also repels ticks, which can carry Lyme disease and other serious diseases, as well as other annoying pests.
  • Installation Process

    Our technicians here at Mosquito Squad of Greater Austin go out of their way to hide the nozzles so they aren’t noticeable. We’ll work with you to determine the perfect placement for each nozzle and length of hose so you can still maintain your property without worrying about damaging the system. We take into account the property size, mosquito and tick density and wind directions when designing the layout in order for you get maximum coverage from as few nozzles as possible.

    Ongoing Service

    Our team will monitor the system for leak warnings or low fluid levels and drop by to handle maintenance chores before you notice a problem. When wintertime rolls around, we’ll shut down the system and then restart it again as spring arrives.

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