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Why Austin Residents Request Mosquito Squad by Name

It is critical to choose the right Mosquito control company in Austin to protect you, your family, and your pets. A reputable company using reputable products is essential. The Mosquito Squad name is highly recognized because we use the best quality product for mosquito control in Austin. Our highly trained technicians provide top quality service for eliminating ticks and mosquitoes in your Austin backyard.

Mosquito Squad Reviews

But don’t take our word for it. Who better to help you decide who to call, than current customers? Through testimonials our customers can answer a lot of the questions you might be thinking of and give you a sense of what you can expect. Please read Mosquito Squad of Greater Austin customer reviews below.

Prompt, friendly, and the service actually works!
Caroline B., Austin

It has been working well which we are loving. Michael has been great to work with as well. Very professional, honest and always willing to make sure we are happy with our service.
Josh H., Austin

Attention to detail. I appreciated that you listen to my concerns and dealt with the issue immediately. They treated the area and ensured communication with me. The “Lady” technician is amazing, courteous and professional. She even used the blower to clean the access grass as I had just mowed the yard.
Angie W., Austin

Courteous, efficient, worth every penny.
Robert J., Austin

Effective! No more mosquito bites! And easy to schedule since you don’t have to be home to get the yard treated.
Claudia G., Austin

For the first time in 8 years we were able to use our patio without the threat of mosquito bites everywhere the entire spring summer and fall! Their service is exceptional and they are always on time. Thanks to their appointment reminders sent to my phone the day before, I’m able to remember to unlock the gate, which makes it so convenient. I have and will continue to recommend mosquito squad to everyone!
Judi C., Austin

Friendly service, always arrive on time on scheduled days, thorough sweep of the entire front and back yard and most of all the greeting at my door letting me know they are here.
Lia W., Austin

Having a mosquito-free backyard has been truly wonderful!! We no longer have to worry about spraying ourselves when sitting by the pool in the evening or any other time!
Melinda M., Austin

Honest, personalized, prompt.
Frank F., Austin

I am able t go out and water my container plants and hanging baskets without being bitten numerous times. You have made that part of my life pleasant instead of a chore that I rushed through as quickly as I could. I continue to think that it is too good to be true and won’t last. But so far, so good.
Thank you,

Faye S., Austin

I hope I am reading honestly the response about my concerns, mosquitoes or chiggers. Thanks for your help.
Barbara L., Austin

I like being able to enjoy my yard without covering myself in bug repellent. I like the responsive customer service.
Dave M., Austin

I like that appointments are on target (trial includes 3 treatments, every 3 weeks). On the 2nd treatment, I could not tell that the property was treated as I did on the 1st. I attract mosquitoes any time I am outdoors and have been bitten once in 6 weeks. Our 3rd trial treatment is scheduled in a week or so. I will be curious to see how long that will last until the mosquitoes return from all the rain we’ve had. I would highly recommend Mosquito Squad.
Lori H., Austin

I like that when you are coming I get notified and that the folks spraying take the time to touch base with me before they start spraying. I like that I can go outside in my yard and hang out and enjoy the view.
Simi S., Austin

I liked being notified before MS came to spray and I was impressed with how thorough they were when they sprayed. It is awesome to be able to go outside without being attacked!
Annette F., Austin

It really works.
Keshia L., Austin

It was very convenient.
Karrie M., Austin

It works!
Audie W., Austin

It works!
Tim C., Austin

It works!!! Also, everyone is very nice. Thanks!
Carey C., Austin

Karyn Brown is a great representative of Mosquito Squad.
Mel A., Austin

Knowledgeable, pleasant and courteous staff. Timely reminders of service and post service follow ups. Attention to detail around the property to ensure full coverage. Finally, the product works!
Rena S., Austin

No mosquitoes.
Charlie T., Austin

No mosquitoes.
Tom E., Austin

No mosquitoes! On our way home from vacation, anxious to see if we are still mosquito free.
Kathe L., Austin

Prompt, friendly service and above all NO MOSQUITOES.
Joanne B., Austin

The fact we had absolutely NO Mosquitoes for 3 weeks just like they promised.
Terri B., Austin

The jury is still out – only seen 2 mosquitoes. Check back in one month.
Sam Y., Austin

The person I talked to in the office was very nice and helpful.
Sharlynn S., Austin

Treatments were very effective last year. Hard to tell this year due to all of the rain we’ve had. Service is great though.
Diana T., Austin

We don’t have to be home; the treatment is quick; and it works!
Mary W., Austin

You kill Mosquitoes!
Tyler F., Austin

You show up. Do your stuff. Leave a note. And voila, no Mosquitoes. :-)
Jennifer E., Austin

You were on time and very professional.
Bobbie M., Austin

Your team is professional and follows the schedule. After 2 applications I have a significant decrease in Mosquitoes. I have referred you to several friends.
Reggie S., Austin

To learn more, we welcome your call at 512.717.6606 or you can send us an email at [email protected]

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